10 Tips for Photo Outfit Ideas

Tons of clothes in your closet but no outfit that speaks to you? Isn’t that always the way it goes?
Not to worry–we have some tips to help!

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#1 Purchasing a new outfit is not necessary, but if you want something new to wear, go for it!

#2 Take a look at some of your favorite clothing stores–even if you’re using something you already own, you can get inspiration on how to combine pieces from your favorite stores. Three of my favorites are Anthropologie, Deb Shops, and Torrid.
Take a look at how thy combine pieces and jewelry. Pay attention to which men and women’s outfits they put together.

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#3 Don’t be afraid to go neutral.
Sometimes, the most beautiful combinations are coordinating neutrals where you bring in a pop of color.

#4 Don’t be afraid to combine patterns within a color family to create visual interest.

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#5 The color wheel is your friend.
Look at complementary colors or analogous colors to pair together
or use colors within the same color family instead of using all one color.

#6 Make sure you feel comfortable in what you choose.
If you’re constantly having to tug something, pull something down, or cover something up, you are not going to enjoy your photo session–and, if you’re not having a good time, you will be able to tell in the photos.

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#7 Don’t forget about shoes, socks, and undergarments!
A black bra under a white shirt, patterned undies under a thin bottom,
or white socks under dress pants can make things look a little funky.

#8 Think carefully about which and how many pieces of jewelry you choose.
You don’t want to end up looking like someone from the cast of Jersey Shore.

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#9 Make sure your choices reflect your personality. Don’t try to be something you’re not–you won’t enjoy the results.
If you don’t like wearing dresses, don’t choose a formal gown.
If you’re preppy, don’t go for a grunge look just because it’s what is “in” at the moment.
Show off your personality.

#10 Think about your choices and how they will work with the location you have chosen.
Sometimes, having an outfit that is very different will make it stand out and create a neat juxtaposition.
Other times, you want it to fit in with the feel of the location.

Photography: Knoxville Wedding Photographer – Star Noir Studio

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