365 Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of my 365 days of photos.

07.25.2013 Next Door  Aren’t these two buildings a really neat contradiction in style to be next door to one another?

07.26.2013 For the Win  I can just imagine this plane involved in an air show.

07.27.2013 Bold  You would have to be bold to try to fly this thing. Go Wright brothers!!

07.28.2013 Family  When I was little, my grandparents would take my cousin and I to Dollywood, and we almost always rode the train together at least once while we were there. After I got a bit older, my grandfather retired from his government job and worked as a conductor on the Dollywood train to have something to occupy his time.

07.29.2013 Mail  This skyline reminds me of a postcard. 🙂

07.30.2013  Orange  This is sand (a solid) behaving as a liquid. Who knew?

07.31.2013 Childhood  As a child, I was fascinated with all things antiquity.

Venue: Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry   If I lived in the area, I would definitely have a season pass to this place!

Venue: Adler Planetarium   I would be frequenting this place as well.

Photography: Knoxville Wedding Photographer — Star Noir Studio

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