A Little Ditty about Jack and Jane

During my first phone conversation with Jane, I fell in love with her accent. When I met her on her wedding day, I was surprised at the door by an adorable pixie of a woman. She and Jack are one of the most relaxed, fun-loving couples that I have ever met. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them and their families–and what a unique mixture of individuals and nationalities they had! Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0001

How did the two of you meet? eHarmony!

How long have you been together? About 2 1/2 years
Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0004Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0005How did he propose? Jack had bobble head dolls made to look like us. He taped a thought bubble to “his” head… it just said “will you marry me?” I almost collapsed. It was a total shock. I just kept asking him if he was sure.
Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0023Why did you choose your wedding date? Cinco de Mayo is totally us! We love to celebrate and what better day could there be? Festive and fun!
Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0006Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0007Do you have a song? If so, what? We didn’t really until the wedding. The minister kept saying “Jack and Diane” instead of Jack and Jane. Neither of us really liked the song before, but it’s so funny, this one might stick.
Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0008Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0012Any particular reason for the theme/venue/etc.? We loved the layout of Hidden Mountain.. separate cabins with common together areas. We went understated for the reception because the Lodge and surroundings were so beautiful, there was no need for much else. For the After-Party around the pool… Cinco de Mayo, baby!
Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0010What was your first date like? We met for “a” drink and ending up staying almost until closing. We got along like a house on fire from minute one.
Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0011Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0009What do the two of you like to do together for fun? We do the occasional mud run together.. mostly just the everyday stuff is fun though. We laugh an awful lot.
Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0013Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0014What is the thing you love most about the other person? It’s impossible for me to say. We are so compatible, it’s ridiculous.
Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0016Did you have any DIY projects? If so, what? Where did you get the ideas? Would you do it again? It was all DIY, except for the food. Pinterest is such a super resource for ideas. The central pieces for the reception were the firefly mason jars. Everyone loved those. For the After-Party, sombreros like crazy. We bought dozens of them  and just filled in with paper lanterns and a few other items for interest. It worked really well.
Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0017What was your favorite thing about your wedding day? Having so many friends and family surrounding us at the same time. We were both blown away by that.
Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0018Did you do anything special for your honeymoon? Not yet. We have family in the Caribbean… we’ll probably go to St Maartin / Anguilla when the dust settles.Star.Noir.Studio.CincodeMayo.Rustic.Sevierville.Wedding.Photographer_0019

Venue: Hidden Mountain Resort
Dress: A disaster buy from Etsy, but Dora Baker, an Atlanta area seamstress, took the entire thing apart and re-made it for me. She was SUPER!
Makeup: Fiona Curtis
Shoes: Chicos
Groom’s Outfit: Macy’s
Decorations: We did them all ourselves.
Flowers: We forgot them in the cabin! We grabbed some fans instead, and I don’t think anyone cared.
Cake: We knew nobody would eat it, so we went with placeholder cakes from the local Kroger.
Food: For the reception, First Fruits Catering out of Knoxville. Chef Tony McClanahan was so easy to work with. They did an amazing job! For the After-Party, Salsarita’s in Pigeon Forge.The food was soooo good, and perfect for the occasion.
Rings: Fado Irish Jewelers. We chose Claddagh rings. The heart, crown and hands symbolize love, loyalty and freindship.
Pastor: Reverend Thomas Orange — And he was terrific.
Bartending Service: The Pour Guys out of Knoxville. They were terrific!
Photography: Knoxville Wedding Photographer – Star Noir Studio
Associate Photographer: Ian Parrott

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