Can I Print My Own Photos?

Star Noir Studio Gaslight Enchantment_0049What kinds of rights do you want for your photographs? What does this even mean?

Allow me to illuminate you…

Most photographers, and we are no exception, retain the copyright to your photos. “But that’s us in the picture!” Yes, it is. However, the photographer is the creator of the image (the artwork) and has the sole discretion to decide when and where they are used. What does this mean for you? Maybe nothing–it all depends on the rights granted to you by your photographer.

There are as many options for rights granted as there are photographers–so make sure you choose one who gives you the options you are looking for.

Some photographers offer you no rights to the photos–you have to come to them to have any prints made, and you don’t have access to the digital files.

Some photographers will give you low resolution files for use on Facebook and to keep on your phone, but they will still require you to come to them for prints.

What we offer… full-size, high-resolution digital images with personal use and printing rights. We get asked all the time about this so we’ve decided to offer some usage examples for clarification.

Definitely Do:

  • You can print them without having to go through us. Mpix is a great option.
  • You can use them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • You can share them with friends and family. We don’t mind if you make copies of the files so they can have their own.
  • You can use them to have your own albums or books printed.
  • You can have jewelry made from them.
  • You can use them for Christmas Cards.
  • You can have a hand painted portrait made from one of them.

Please Don’t:

  • Please don’t crop them or put filters on them–they were shot, composed, and edited in a certain way to showcase your wedding while fitting our style and aesthetic. Remember, you chose us for a reason!
  • Please do not use them commercially.
  • Please do not sell them.

If you have any questions about the rights you have purchased, talk to your photographer. They should be more than willing to clarify exactly what you can do with your images.

Bouquet: LB Floral
Photography: Knoxville Wedding Photographer – Star Noir Studio

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