Caroline and Dusty — Engaged!!

The great sport of volleyball brought these two into each others lives. They started noticing each other right away. The proposal was extravagant. Since they are both Alabama fans, he got tickets to an Alabama game, and he got her parents in on it. When they arrived at the stadium, Caroline’s mother walked away. Dusty took her to the hall of champions and stopped by the Nick Sabin statue. He used his grandfather’s stuffed elephant, and she, of course, said yes.

I had SO much fun with these two, and I found out that they are also Walking Dead fans! We kept joking about seeing a walker shambling through the field at Cades Cove. So… there’s a little something in one of the photos at the end that other Walking Dead fans just might get a kick out of.

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Venue: Cades Cove
Photography: Star Noir Photography


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