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I’m so excited to share Erin and Shawn’s photos with you! So… my favorite part of any wedding is the time that I get to spend with just the bride and groom—all that happiness just kind of leaks onto me, and it’s impossible not to have a smile on my face. For this particular wedding, I got to spend all my time there just focusing on this awesomely fun couple. FYI… Shawn is the new singer for a band called For Your Malice—check them out!  I know you’re probably ready to get to the photos now of this beautiful bride so…

Here is their story:

“Shawn and I met about in July 2010 when I was bartending at my old job.  I wasn’t supposed to be working that night, I was working for one of his friends.  She happened to come in that night for kareoke (bleh) and Shawn was one of the people with their group. He was good friends with her boyfriend at the time.  I told her I thought he was cute, and she told him, he apparently thought the same about me, she gave him my phone number and was texting me for like 2 weeks I guess.  She gave him my old phone number!! Blahahaha……so he was all “hey your friend never text me back” and she investigated into her phone and then realized it was the wrong number, and gave him the right one.   Then he text me, the called, and we went on our first date :).”–Erin

The best thing about your wedding day… “The weather was perfect!  The mountains and the trees, everything was perfect, and being able to share the day with all my family and close friends was the best thing I think.”–Erin

The proposal… “There was this place called Camp Zoe in Missouri that held music festivals, a band called the Schwag that is a Grateful Dead tribute band puts them on. The place is beautiful…current river (a popular place to go on float trips in Missouri) runs right through the land which is like 380 acres.  There are cliffs to jump off of and music plays all day long.  All the people are super nice and the place just has a real good vibe.  It was a big part of my life for a few years. One of my favorite places ever.  Shawn had never been there, and he went down with some of us for the Halloween festival that year.  (Halloween also happens to be Shawns favorite).  Before we left for the weekend on Halloween day we went for a walk through the woods and that’s when he proposed.  It was perfect!  That was the last time I was at Camp Zoe.  The government seized the property and the festivals have stopped. Part of me was left there in those woods, had some of the best times of my life there.  I just wish that Shawn and I could go back there.”

When did you realize you were meant to be together? “Pretty soon after our first date.  We had tons in common….we had both worked at like 2 or 3 of the same places, knew like so many of the same people, we were totally wierded out that we had never crossed paths before. We actually worked at a music store at the same time, but somehow never ran into each other….” –Erin

A little tidbit the bride shared with me… Shawn and Erin got the star tattoos in the photo below to celebrate their engagement.

What a neat idea to celebrate an engagement!

“We both wanted a fall wedding and love the fall.  It actually happened to be my grandparents anniversary as well,

but that wasn’t planned.” –Erin

A little something about me… I think long hair on a man can be super sexy–must be all of those Laurell K. Hamilton books I read. I dunno. Anyway, when I found out Shawn had all of this gorgeous bounty tucked away, I managed to talk him and Erin into letting it down at the end of their session. Aren’t you glad?

Congratulations Erin and Shawn!!

Dress: David’s Bridal

Shoes: Fergalicious

Hair: Erin 🙂

Tux: Kohls

Flowers: Cupid’s Petals Florist

Photography: Knoxville Wedding Photographer — Star Noir Studio

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