Fabulous and Fun Wedding Invitation!

unique-wedding-invitations-photo-filmI love wedding details–all of them!

One of my favorite pieces of a wedding is the invitation. It is a place where you can get creative and go a little crazy all while giving your guests a taste of what your wedding will be like.

As a photographer, I was obviously drawn to these adorable film canister invitations.


The photos are by Ambient Studios (now Trevor and Larissa), and… they actually made these themselves! It’s amazing what creative people can come up with! These were initially spotted at Invitation Crush.

I think all of the little details are so cute! They even have the handwritten date on the outside–and much neater than I remember seeing when dropping them off at a processing center. I don’t think I’ve handled one of these since college, lol!


What kind of fun ideas do you have for your wedding invitations?? Hopefully, you’ve done what Larissa and Trevor did and put a little bit of yourselves into the ideas you’re bringing into your big day.

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