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Are you looking for DIY inspiration for your wedding? Maybe you like the look, but you don’t have the time to invest. That’s where Custom Love Gifts comes in. Lindsay is a DIY guru, and she has helpfully shared some ideas and tips that you can implement for your next event. Don’t forget to check out her shop!

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The Honeymoon Fund
So let’s face it, not everyone can afford the dream honeymoon after paying for the dream wedding.  That’s where the idea of the Honeymoon Fund jugs came about.  It is a unique décor idea in addition to a little collector for starter cash for a honeymoon in the future.  The jug is blacked out with chalkboard paint for two reasons: 1) your guests can sign it and write notes of congratulations during your reception and 2) it’s a fun surprise later to find out the total!  Our favorite honeymoon fund story is the couple that hopped in the car and drove until they were out of gas, then broke their honeymoon fund jug open and spent the weekend discovering the little town together only using the honey moon fund cash.  Free impromptu honeymoon?  I’m in!


The Cards Mailbox
What a unique idea for accepting cards at your gifts table…. a shabby chic mailbox!  Putting some décor on the gifts table helps guests find the table when they arrive so they can set their gifts down and get down to enjoying their time at your event.   There is nothing cuter than a old mailbox or birdcage to signal “Hey! Over here!” to  your guests looking for the right spot to drop their presents to the new couple.  The bonus to accepting cards this way is it keeps them bundled together so you are less likely to lose any.


Easy DIY Pennant Banner/Bunting
One of the easiest DIY projects for a crafty bride is a do it yourself pennant banner.  It is easy to customize the colors to match your event and dress up the fabrics to match any style.  A rustic twine and antique blush fabric was used in this styled shoot, but imagine it with a lace overlay for a more elegant event or even a sequins covered banner for an over the top event. 


Thanks Lindsay!

Fun Stuff: Custom Love Gifts
Photography: Star Noir Studio – Knoxville Wedding Photographer

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