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Today, Ellen, the marketing guru behind Smokey Mountain Sounds is going to share with us some tips for picking a DJ.

Smokey-Mountain-Sounds-wedding-DJ-gatlinburg-wedding-12814If you want to have the most memorable wedding reception, why wouldn’t you hire a Professional Disc Jockey? If you have an ipod for your wedding, where is the professional that would announce the cutting of the cake, the bouquet toss, etc? If you have a live band, you will have times of silence when the band is on their break. The wedding guests may leave long before the bride and groom get their “big send off”.
To get your party started you can choose to have custom introductions. Your professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies will help make the introductions tailored to you. You can make it a grand entrance, just naming your bridal party off without background music, have a personalized entrance by having specific songs for your bridal party while they are being introduced with a music montage with their name and something short (maybe something fun or traditional). You can have your story told before announcing the wedding party. This is your day and you can be as creative as you like with your Professional DJ.

If you have a family member or friend that is unable to attend, your DJ can get a recording from that person to play while you are at your reception.  A recording means a lot to the bride and groom. Ron Crivellone, from Smokey Mountain Sounds, had a couple get married last year and the best man was unable to attend. Ron got a recording from the best man with a toast for the couple. The groom was very emotional and so pleased to hear the recording.

If you prefer, after the bride and groom are introduced, their story may be told while they walk to the dance floor for their first dance. There are so many ways to create a fun and unique event for your wedding. Basically, incorporate who you are into your entrance. Fun introductions will produce laughter and interaction among guests.
A DJ’s job is to entertain and to entice everyone out to the dance floor. There are a few ways the dance floor can be opened. One way is by having the photographer to gather the guests for group shots. When the pictures are done being taken, the music begins and because everyone is already there, the dance floor is opened. Another opener is a “snowball dance” the bridal party goes to guests and encourages them to join in the fun.
Unfortunately there are DJ’s who don’t like to play on the same field, they will usually say things like: “I tell you what, I will charge you $100 less than the last DJ you talked to”, or “I will charge you $300 (or less).”  All of this is just to get your business. Don’t always jump at this bait–it tells you nothing about their equipment or their reputation. There are also some DJ’s out there that will step over the line and go from spotlighting the couple to spotlighting themselves. Go with your gut, not your pocketbook! A Professional DJ will cost anywhere from $400 to $3000 depending on the details of your wedding and reception.
So, what is a professional DJ? A professional DJ is an owner and operator of his business: someone who has a passion for what he does, a reputation of providing quality, and speaks appropriately. A professional also uses legal, appropriate music for every event they do. They use professional equipment, and they always have back up equipment as well as take classes or go to seminars in order to maintain and grow their skills.
Ron Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds is not only a DJ and a true Master of Ceremonies; but he is also a coordinator. Not only will he get in touch with all of your vendors, he works with you on your itinerary and helps all of your wedding formalities go smoothly so that you can enjoy your day. Contact Ron at 865-712-1854,, or visit our website at

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