High-Res Files VS Low-Res Files

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If you’ve been researching photographers for your wedding, I’m sure you’ve found that the products they offer are as different as the images they produce–which gives you lots of variety to choose from.

If your main concern is receiving digital negatives (files to print from), something you should pay attention to is whether they offer low-res (low resolution) or high-res (high resolution) files.

While these terms may vary slightly from photographer to photographer, generally low-res files are set at 72 dpi (dots per inch—the amount of detail in the photo) which is good for sharing on Facebook and possibly making small prints.  High-res files are generally 300 dpi or higher and can be used for anything low-res files can as well as for making larger prints, albums, etc. If you try to print a low-res file, it will generally be somewhat pixelated (not a clear picture). Click hereto see an example of this.

In addition to the resolution, pay attention to the file sizes the photographers are providing. Even if you receive high-res files, a 4×6 sized high-res file will be pixelated if you try to print it larger than 4×6. Most people don’t print higher than 11×14 on their own, but if you are one of those people that want a 20×40 print to hang over the mantle, make sure that you will get files large enough to print that size.

We offer full-size, high-resolution files to our clients which, depending upon cropping, can be printed up to 40×60. Although you may not need files that large, make sure that you find a photographer who offers exactly what you want.

Photography: Knoxville Wedding Photography – Star Noir Studio

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