Jennifer and Scott’s Baby Bump — Knoxville Wedding Photographer in Brooklyn

Recently, I was honored to be asked by a former client to come to New York to photograph her vow renewal ceremony. The couple I stayed with in Brooklyn were so nice and helpful–and very pregnant. 🙂 My first night in New York, we went out to get some maternity photos for them, and I was blessed with a gorgeous day and awesome lighting for them as you can see below. He brought her back from Peru–you can see her heritage in those beautiful high cheekbones and dark features, and they were married almost immediately. They’ve been together almost 7 years now. Wow. They’ve recently started increasing, and it just made Jennifer that much more beautiful… she had that glow that some pregnant women are lucky enough to get.

This image is one of my favorites… maybe because the coloring kind of reminds me of a 50s-60s science fiction book cover. Plus, I love the back lighting and the sweetness of the affection in the image.

I think it’s wonderful to work with a couple where the man is secure enough to show this kind of tenderness toward his wife and unborn baby. I just love love. 🙂

So… everyone wish Jennifer and Scott a big congratulations for their upcoming bundle of joy! Jennifer, I expect to see some pictures when the baby comes!

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