Jill and Chene’s Wedding in the Smoky Mountains

Jill and Chene came to the Smoky Mountains for their wedding ceremony. They were both super sweet and tons of fun to spend time with. My favorite detail of their wedding day was the invitation. Jill found them on Etsy where they are handmade to order.

Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0001My fiance & I met in 2010 for the first time at work, he got hired a couple months after me. (He is also 10.3/10.4 -ish years younger than me). lol So I will be 35 on our wedding day, he will be 24. His name is Chene Guest (pronounced “Shane”, it’s just spelled ‘Irish-ish’).

Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0002We were friendly with each other at first, and as we got to know each other better we found out how much we had in common, despite the age gap. I always told him he should have been born in the early 70’s – he laughed because he has always said that to describe himself! He is more mature than most 40 year old men I have met or known, and also has his shit together (excuse my French! it’s the only way I know how to explain it!) financially, etc, he knows exactly what he wants out of life.

Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0003Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0004Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0005He likes to ride his motorcycle and be outside, he’s an avid hunter during deer season, he likes walking thru a nice park, playing softball, just keeping busy overall and being outside.

Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0006I’m the opposite of that: I am a homebody, I like to be cozy and relax. When it’s cold I like to snuggle inside or outside around a bonfire. I like watching TV (A LOT!)

Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0007So . . .we balance each other out very well. He gets me off my ass and I am there to slow him down. We’re a great balance.

Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0009When we worked together, we worked in a warehouse and drove forklifts and we were made to wear these red safety vests. They have changed the vests since then, but we saved our old ones. My Grandma took them and cut a piece of heart-shaped fabric from the vest closest to our hearts. My heart fabric will be sewn inside my dress, his piece sewn inside his vest.

Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0010I took a better job, but he still works at the same place. Not sure if that is relevant, but we do miss seeing each other throughout the day.

Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0011He told me that he loved me for the first time in a 711 convenience store parking lot. (Not sure if they have those in TN or if you’ve ever heard of them) – Since then, those numbers always correspond to our relationship somehow! It’s very strange.

Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0012We both absolutely LOVE the fall season. Specifically the changing tree colors, apple orchards, pumpkins, gourds, cinnamon, the smell of burning leave & bonfires, s’mores (also s’mores will be a large part of our wedding, we will have a s’mores station) I could go on and on forever about why we love the fall! Sorry 🙂
That’s why we picked our date. It’s fall, and the Saturday fell on the 11th. Plus it is the Smoky Mountains and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the leaves will put on a gorgeous show!

Wedding.Star_.Noir_.Studio.Photography.Knoxville._0013Venue: Wolfsong Lodge
Photography: Star Noir Studio – Wedding Photographer in Knoxville

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