Kitty Photo – March

When we closed on our new house last May, the first thing we did was to adopt two kittens. Loki was obviously missing our previous kittens (Nox and Nyx) and seemed depressed so we thought it was time to find him some playmates. It’s funny, but when we first picked out the kittens (a brother and sister duo), the original intent was for Eche (the black boy) to be mine and Embr (the calico girl) to be Ian’s. I joked that Eche (pronounced Ash) was black like my soul, and the ladies always loved Ian. However, things (as usual) did not go as planned–not that I am complaining. Embr has definitely claimed me for her very own. She loves to cuddle especially when I am trying to edit–she climbs up on my chest and makes me hold her and try to work the computer with one hand. Then, at night she creeps into the crook of my arm and neck as I try to fall asleep and plops herself on my face. Eche has bonded more with Ian. In the mornings while Ian tries to get ready, Eche jumps on his back and holds on for dear life until Ian decides to pay attention to him, and no one gets peace when Ian shuts the bathroom door if Eche isn’t in there. The mini panther totally cracks me up.

The other day, I took my little baby girl outside, and she freaked! She is completely an indoor kitty, but we went outside to play around
with the cameras and decided she should join us. She was not happy, but she was still adorable. 🙂

Star Noir Studio Photographer

Lest you think I forgot about the boys, we brought them outside for a few minutes, too. Eche was just as nervous as his sister,
but Loki, crochety old cat that he is, was unhappy because I wouldn’t let him down to explore.

Star Noir Studio Photographer

Hair and Makeup: Southern SirensPhotography: Knoxville Wedding Photographer – Star Noir Studio

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