Koumal and Shannon’s Rustic Vintage Wedding

Koumal and Shannon’s wedding at Sampson’s Hollow was so lovely! The weather finally turned cool so there were goosebumps, but the light was beautiful, and the people were so fun!

Shannon and Koumal’s Story:
We met on match. We had both given up on the idea of marriage and neither one of us expected to find “the one”,  but here we are!

Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0001Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0002Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0003We went to dinner for his birthday, and after he said we were going for a walk in our scenic city and taking pictures (we share this hobby) he proposed in a little nook while clicking away

Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0004Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0005Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0006Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0007We are up for anything and always have fun together from staying in and watching football (go BIG ORANGE!!!) to dinner, to weekends in gatlinburg (we LOVE gatlinburg).  We also try to find fun things to do with the kids movies, bowling, etc..

Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0008Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0009Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0010Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0011We both love food so there is usually a delicious meal, whether cooked at home or a night out. I have two children so anytime alone is just spent enjoying each other. We love talking about our future, our hopes and dreams.

Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0012Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0013Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0014Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0015This is a second marriage for me and  a first for Shannon. I’m a widow so being in love again was unexpected and so absolutely excited. Shannon and I are best friends, we are a team and both have a deep rooted love for Christ. We really want to focus on starting a new life together on the first day of a new year. I’m a hopeless romantic and love romance caught on camera.

Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0016Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0017Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0018Rustic Wedding at Sampson's Hollow_0019

Venue and Florals: Sampson’s Hollow
Photography: Star Noir Photography
Associate Photographer: Krissy Parker

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