Random Photo Friday! 01/31/14

It’s that time of the week again! If you live in the area, you know we’ve been having crazy weather lately, and we got some snow this week! I love the snow. 🙂 Ian and I grabbed the camera and went out to play with the dogs for a bit.

In the top photo, Bandit is playing with a soccer ball he has had for about 7 years. Poor thing is beat up beyond all recognition, but we don’t have the heart to replace–he picks it up every time we come outside. He is our mutt puppy. We got him from the pound when we were going to school in Johnson City a little over eight years ago.

In the bottom left photo is Oreo Cookie. He showed up at our doorstep not long after we got Bandit. He was just a little runt of a thing, covered in fleas looking half starved. I asked around the neighborhood to find out where he came from, and we talked the owner into letting us keep him. Apparently, he was breeding Boxer/Bulldog mixes to sell but hadn’t been able to sell any of this litter. My grandfather fell in love with the sweet little guy and took him from us, but he ended up back with us after Papaw passed away last year.

In the bottom right photo is Don Alejandro de la Vega whom we call Zorro. I had wanted a Siberian Husky for years, and we started looking for him because Bandit seemed lonely after Oreo was gone. When he was little, he had a prominent mask over his eyes which is where his name came from. He is crazy smart, and sooooo pretty. 🙂

Dogs in the snow

Photography: Knoxville Wedding Photographer – Star Noir Studio

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