Ten Tips to Better Wedding Photography #8

Have your hair and makeup done by someone else.

Star Noir Studio Bootleg Betty Knoxville Wedding Photographer_0017Though you may be a whiz at putting yourself together for your every day life, there are several reasons why you should consider a hairstylist and makeup artist for your wedding (and engagement) photos.

1. They do this all the time—they know how to put together looks that photograph well. Your makeup artist will know just how dark to get your makeup so that it looks great in photos (because photos tend to wash out some of the makeup) without making you look like the joker in real life. It’s a fine line to get it right, and they know just how to balance it. And they know which products to stay away from (think super shiny eye makeup that will give you odd highlights or glitter that will look like spots to the camera).

2. They will make your look last throughout the day. Be prepared to sweat, cry, be rained on, and any number of other crazy happenings on your wedding day. Your hairstylist and makeup artist should be using products that will withstand the crazy of the day. Airbrush makeup will last like no other–it is amazeballs–and it smooths everything so beautifully. have also worn airbrush makeup, and it made it through a wild day of photography which makes it a miracle worker.) On the other side, your hairstylist will be able to use 1000 bobby pins, spray your hair with Super Mega Hold Hairspray and perform other trade secrets to make your lush, romantic hairstyle look perfectly coiffed all day long.

3. You will feel like a rockstar! There’s an old saying that if you look good, you feel good. I definitely stand by this. Getting the celebrity treatment definitely seems to boost confidence. If you feel like you look great, it will translate to the camera.

4. It will give you one less thing to stress about. On your wedding day, you will already be feeling overwhelmed—too many details for you, the woman in charge, to attend to. During this time, you will be able to relax and let someone else take care of you. It’s a short period in time of calm on the wedding day when you can sip a mimosa and enjoy being pampered.

5. They know how long this takes. As pros, they know how to structure their time to make sure that you are ready by the time they are supposed to be finished. This is a huge deal because getting behind at this point can cause the rest of the day to be rushed or for you to miss certain photos that you wanted.

A few of the best hair and makeup teams in the area:

Southern Sirens
Southern Belle Beauty
Suzanne Clayton MUA
Organic Infusion
Bangs and Blush

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