Ten Tips to Better Wedding Photography #9 #9 – Have Minions with a Plan

On the day of your wedding, you don’t need to be the one setting up for so many reasons. So… you need to have minions.

If you are lucky, you have a stylist/coordinator to oversee. For the rest of us, get your friends, family, second cousins twice removed, whoever you can badger or cajole into being a minion. Then, appoint a head minion. The head minion should know all of your plans and innermost desires. She (or he) will be responsible for all of your decorating concoctions.

Why is this important?? If you feel like you have to be responsible for everything, you will drive yourself crazy. (I made this mistake on my wedding day.) Everyone will have questions for you, and you won’t feel like you can get anything done. Inevitably, you will fall behind schedule, and you will be all frazzled before you even get to hair and makeup (which always takes longer than you anticipate) which will just make you more frustrated. If you’re stressed out, it can show in your photos. If you don’t have time to get your hair fixed because you’ve been decorating, that will also show in your photos. If  you sweat off your makeup because you decided to get ready before working on the decor, you get the idea. Minions, minions, minions. I promise that you will thank me for this one.

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