outfit-ideas-for-engagement-sessions1. Ladies, go a bit heavier on your makeup than you normally would. Smooth out any uneven skin tones with your foundation, and make your eye makeup a bit darker (not clownish-just a wee bit darker). This will help me to make your face look flawless in your images.
2. Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed.
3. Get a good nights sleep the night before and drink lots of water. This will make your eyes less puffy.
4. If you have more than one person in your session, choose a color scheme to coordinate the outfits. Too many busy patterns and colors can be distracting. If the session is just for one person, patterns and colors can sometimes be a lot of fun.
5. Make sure your shoes and socks match/go with your outfit.
6. Don’t try out a new hairstyle just for the session. Make sure it is something you feel comfortable in and that wont date your photos. (Think about the pictures you see of friends and family from the 80s.)
best-wedding-blogs7. If you wear glasses, consider having your eye doctor take the lenses out for the day or going without your glasses for the day. If neither of those options sound appealing to you, angle the lenses down a bit for your photos so that you don’t get lens glare.
8. If you’re having outdoor photos, avoid green.
9. Bring your makeup with you in case you need touch-ups.

10. Make sure your bras match your tops.
11. Make sure your fingernails (and toenails if they will be seen) are well groomed.
12. For boudoir sessions, try not to wear anything too tight before the session if youre planning on doing any partial/full nudity. The marks from the tight bras/etc. will show.

Things to Bring with You
veteran-wedding-military-photographer1. Any clothing changes you want to use or think you might want to use.
2. Extra shoes, hats, jewelry, etc. to switch out.
3. For a childs session, bring a favorite toy or two.
4. Anything that you do/like that you think might be fun to use: musical instruments, books, collectibles, sports equipment, toys, art supplies, pets, canes, umbrellas, masks, sunglasses, etc.
5. Makeup for touch-ups. 6. For boudoir sessions, bring lingerie, coordinating accessories, and anything special you might want to try to use.

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