Victoria and Tyler — Married!

I’m so excited to FINALLY be sharing this wedding with you! Love abounds in the images below so prepare yourself for some sweetness! Victoria and Tyler got married in front of Emerts Cove Bridge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was a drizzly day but the clouds made for a gorgeous backdrop with the mountains.

Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0001Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0002Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0003Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0004Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0005Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0006Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0007Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0008Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0009Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0010Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0011Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0012Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0013Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0014Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0015Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0016Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0017Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0018Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0019Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0020Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0021Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0022Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0023Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0024Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0025Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0026Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0027Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0028Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0029Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0030Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0031Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0032Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0033Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0034Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0035Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0036Gatlinburg Wedding Photographer_0037Venue: Emerts Cove Bridge and Wears Valley
Photography: Star Noir Photography

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